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What is SERP | SERP Layout | Search Engine Results Page

Hey Guys. In this video i am explaining about What is SERP in SEO. If you want to understand SEO and Adwords first you should know what is SERP.

We have many search Engines but here i am talking about only Google. Because 95% of the world Use Google. So here is the Google SERP Layout

Top 4 will be Ads
Bottom 3 Will be Ads

And Middle Usually 10 Organic results

Total 4 Ads in SERP page. This is MAximum. But some times it can be less also depends on relevancy and many other factors.

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THEODOR BASTARD - "Serp", New Single

The song "Serp" from the new single by Theodor Bastard.
О колесе Сансары и вечном возвращении.
Струнные: Гуля Наумова
Сведение и мастеринг: Андрей Алякринский (Студия "Добролет").
Художник: Кол Белов.

Theodor Bastard представляют новый макси-сингл «Серп» с будущего альбома.

В Google Play можно скачать три разные версии песни:

Песня «Серп» прозвучит и на праздничных предновогодних концертах Theodor Bastard в Москве и Петербурге:


Yana Veva - vocal, flute
Fedor Svolotch - guitar, sampler, drum
Kusas - percussion, marimba, kalimba
Andy Vladych - drums
Alexei Kalinovskiy - keyboards

SHERP the true all terrain vehicle




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