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How to repair a Samsung SyncMaster 223bw (LS22ME, GH22WS) monitor if it doesn't turn on

You can read here how to fix this problem:
If the monitor is power on, the image may start to appear slowly after 4-5 minutes while the image is flickering.
After a few minutes, the image will stop flickering, but after a few seconds, the monitor will turn off.
After repeated power-up the monitor is functioning normally and the image does not flicker or disappear.

Practically only after monitor has warmed up, it can be used.
The problem is caused by a power supply failure.
EvilTaco : This is not a "how to repair" video, you should change the title to something like "problem with samsung 223bw monitor", since you're not actually suggesting a fix to the problem, only mentioning it

Reparar monitor Samsung 223BW

En este tutorial explicaremos la reparación de un monitor Samsung 223BW.
En este caso, lo que sucede es que el monitor se apaga a los 5 minutos.
Veremos que el causante es el desgaste de los tubos de retroiluminación. En lugar de sustituirlos proponemos una solución económica con coste cero.
ytsemea : ¡Hola
Muchos videos en este monitor dicen que el problema más común son los condensadores. He reemplazado todos los 820uF y también el 330uF pero el monitor ocasionalmente se apaga; a veces permanece encendido después de algunos intentos, a veces no hay forma de mantenerlo encendido.
¿Podría ser este mi problema?
También noté un mayor parpadeo en la entrada VGA que en la entrada DVI.
¡Gracias de antemano por tu competencia!
123Despierta : Gracias por este video. Mi monitor no presenta esta falla, pero queria ver como se desarma porque lo mas seguro es que tenga que cambiarle algunos condensadores electrolíticos.
Iori Mireille : Eres un crack!!

Samsung Syncmaster 226CW LCD Monitor Repair

Fixing a monitor that was having power supply issues.
Viktor Hugo : 3 PCS 1000u/25V
alex bird : I know he mentions the capacitors he got in the video, but I'm not the most literate in electronics. does anybody know the specific capacitors I'm meant to get. like a serial number or something? thanks
ColinWatters : Thanks for posting this vid. Mine started flashing and/or coming on dim about 4 weeks ago. I have just fixed it by replacing the 9 small electrolytic caps on the power supply board. About 6 showed visible signs of bulging. I could have sourced the caps locally but there are kits on ebay which just made it easy. Took under an hour. The ribbon cable from the main controller board to the LCD panel looks a bit fragiles take care when disconnecting it.
DrDublin : Mine has started doing it now, shame as I love the picture on it and don't have so much money to buy a new one.  I have to leave it for about 20 mins once my computer has started.  The blue light surrounding the on/off flashes for kind of 20/25 mins, but I can see it trying to bring up the window screen.  In the end it comes up and goes off completely, but then, I press the button on and off about 10 times and the monitor is fine.  Do you think this will work what you've done for me Max?  Thanks, Andy.
OddlyIncredible : My Samsung 226cw is doing the "flicker for two seconds and turn off" dance and the first thing I thought was "I bet there's a failing electrolytic somewhere." Started looking into the problem and sure enough...  Looks like I'll be dismantling the monitor to get values off the caps and putting an order in to Mouser when I get home from work.

Fortunately this is my second monitor so if I need to take it down for a few days it's not a "no pootar for j00" thing.




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